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Conditions of Use

It is in everybody's best interests to take note of and adhere to the conditions set out below.

These conditions are designed to keep you safe and in so doing protect our company from facing a situation involving injury to a customer.

We maintain our kayaks and accessories to the best of our ability and expect that whilst they are entrusted into your care, you do the same. If kayaks are returned in an unsatisfactory condition or have been damaged whilst being hired, additional costs will be incurred to the rental charge originally agreed.


Kayak hire is subject to weather conditions. Float My Boat Kayaks reserve the right to refrain from hiring out kayaks on any day due to unsuitable weather conditions.

Kayak hire includes the kayak, a personal floatation device and a paddle.

Photo ID details needs to be left with Float My Boat.

Goods need to be returned in the same condition as they were in when taken. Further details can be found in our indemnity form.

An indemnity form needs to be filled in and signed upon receipt of kayaks and accessories.

You must be at least 16 years of age. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied/supervised by an adult.

Appropriate clothing needs to be worn (avoid heavy fabrics such as denim or leather).

Paddlers are advised not to cross any channels and are therefore restricted to paddling around the North Shore bays or inland bodies or water. This rules out paddling to Rangitoto, Devonport, the City, or any other island from bays on along the North Shore.

You can view or print off our indemnity form here [PDF: 340Kb, 1 page].

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