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Sea Safety

As with any sport, there is a level of risk involved. Float My Boat reserves the right to refrain from renting out kayaks in weather that is not ideal for paddling in or to paddlers who appear to be inappropriately dressed or equipped for a safe paddling experience.

Float My Boat Kayak Hire and Adventure will hire kayaks out to paddlers who have had experience and those who are curious but we highly recommend that inexperienced paddlers go out in the company of a friend at a meandering pace.

Each hire includes the use of a PFD (protective floatation device) / Lifejacket and a paddle.

Weather Conditions
Float My Boat kayaks will only be rented out in suitable weather.   This includes offshore winds of under 15 to 20 knots and coastal winds of under 2 knots.

Auckland Weather

MetService Recreational Marine Forecasts

Dressing Sensibly & Lifejackets

It is very important that you stay warm but avoid heavy denim or leather-type materials. Thin layers or thermals are preferable. Your personal floatation device is important for two reasons: to keep you safe should you lose your kayak and are unable to swim to shore and to make you more visible on the water. Float My Boat will kit you out with a life jacket in your size for your paddle. Note: 'Due to the generous support of RFD NZ Ltd, Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) is able to offer a heavily discounted selection of quality lifejackets and buoyancy aids to WSNZ member organisations and other water safety education providers including schools, that are aligned with WSNZ initiatives'. Read more


On New Zealand's seas, rivers and lakes you need to make yourself highly visible to other vehicles on the water. Bright colours and movement are your best friends if you're hoping to avoid a nasty collision on the water or if you're in need of rescuing. Float My Boat paddles all have reflective tape on their blades which will greatly increase your visibility when in motion as they reflect the sun. Float My Boat lifejackets are also brightly coloured to make you more noticeable. Float My Boat kayaks are brightly coloured too.

Means of Communication

A mobile phone can be stored in a zip-lock bag and on your person and taken on your paddle with you in case of emergency. Flares are another form of communication if you're in trouble although Float My Boat do not encourage paddling out to sea as our kayaks are not built for high-intensity paddling. A VHF radio is included in fishing kayak hire. This is a means to call for emergency help from the Coastgaurd should a paddler need it.

Moving in a Herd

If you're kayaking in a group, always paddle at the speed of the slowest paddler to ensure that the group stays together.

Lodging a Schedule

Let a reliable person know where you are headed and how long you plan to take. Agree a buffer time before Coastguard services need to be informed of your absence.

In Case of Emergency

In case of emergency a paddler needs to call either 111 or their Float My Boat co-ordinator. The Coastguard North Shore will be notified if necessary. For more information about The Coastguard North Shore, see their website. If you have a VHF radio, it needs to be kept on channel 16 which is the Coastgaurd's channel. Instructions will be given to fishing kayak paddlers in possession of such a device.

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