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Paddle Checklist

Now that you've booked a time and day to go paddling, make sure you're prepared.

This checklist should help you get your clothing sorted and the few tips offered on paddling technique and safety on the water should make for a more enjoyable, confident experience.

Float My Boat Kayak Hire and Adventure will hire kayaks out to paddlers who have had experience and those who are curious but we highly recommend that inexperienced paddlers go out in the company of a friend at a meandering pace. We also reserve the right to refrain from hiring out our kayaks in weather conditions that we consider unsuitable or to customers who we fear may be inadequately prepared and/or inexperienced paddlers.


  • Synthetic fibres are best as they are less absorbent

  • If the weather's cold, wear more than one layer

  • Footwear needs to be suitable for swimming in cold weather (eg wetsuit booties). Alternatively, bare feet are fine in warm weather.

  • Sunhat, Sunglasses (preferably on a cord)

  • Waterproof outer jacket


  • Read our Safety at Sea page for helpful tips to keep yourself safe on the water

Paddle Technique

  • Read the few basic tips that we offer in the website on Paddling Technique to enhance your experience

Before you Leave

  • Float My Boat will check weather conditions before hiring out kayaks.

  • If you have kayaks for longer than a half day period it is important that you check your local area marine forecast

  • When checking the forecast, you need to check wind speed and direction, sea state, any gale warning or expected changes in the weather. More than 15 to 20 knots can pose difficulties during your paddle and in these conditions it is best to postpone your kayaking. It is also a good idea to check the Tide Table for your area before leaving, especially if you are paddling on a canal or river inlet, for example. Auckland Tide Table

  • Given the unpredictability and dangerous nature of kayaking, Float My Boat reserves the right to deny paddlers use of their kayaks in weather that is anything other than ideal for paddling.

On the Water

  • Always be aware of other vessels in your vicinity, never assuming that one approaching has seen you

  • Stay out of shipping lanes

  • Respect the environment, taking nothing but photos and leaving nothing but ripples!

  • To avoid being stranded on mud flats at river inlets, keep the tidal markers on your right when paddling upriver and on your left when paddling downriver.

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